Social Legislation and Rules of Ethics

Social Legislation

Social legislation in the UK exists to protect employers and employees. The UK government provides information on this.

The UK has a National Minimum Wage and a National Living Wage. This is the hourly wage. It varies depending on a person’s age and whether they are an apprentice. The rates for the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage change every April. Information on this is available on

The government provides information on the social security benefit s available in the UK on

In the UK, employment rights such as pay, terms of employment and how you pay tax vary according to your employment status. Further information on this is available on

Income tax is payable on income, such as money you earn from employment or profit from self-employment. Further information on Income Tax is available on .

The way to set up a business in the UK varies by the type of business you want to establish, where you work and whether you have people working with you. Further information on setting up a business is available on

You may need to prove your right to work to a potential employer, to help them to understand how long you can work in the UK for and what type of jobs you are allowed to do. Further information on the right to work is available on . 

Rules of Ethics

Regulatory bodies are responsible for setting the standards for those they have authorised to practise or use their protected title. If you need to find out what the rules of ethics are for your profession, you should contact the regulatory body directly.